Tonies - Trolls - Viva
Tonies - Trolls - Viva
Tonies - Trolls - Viva

Tonies - Trolls - Viva

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Like the rest of the Trolls, Viva loves to sing, so this Tonie is full of music –and a little mayhem. She’s also new to Troll Village and keen to make some friends. So, if your little noise maker is a fan of all things Trolls-related, they can pop Viva on top of a Toniebox and join her for some song-filled friendship-making fun.

Inspired by Trolls 3: Band Together, this Tonie features toe-tapping songs from the original movie as it follows Viva, Poppy, Branch and friends on their mission to unite all the Troll tribes through the power of song.
And like any true Troll, Viva will keep your little cutie-troll entertained on long journeys, provide the perfect soundtrack for playtime, and inspire them to sing along during story time sessions. Ready to turn up the music?

1. Chapter 1: The Family Band
2. Chapter 2: John Dory Returns
3. Chapter 3: Velvet And Veneer's Plan
4. Chapter 4: On The Road
5. Chapter 5: Welcome To Vacay Island
6. Chapter 6: Meanwhile, At The Diamond Dome
7. Chapter 7: One Bro To Go
8. It Takes Two (Song)
9. Chapter 8: Viva Closes The Gates
10. Chapter 9: Floyd Tries To Escape
11. Chapter 10: Family Harmony Fail
12. Chapter 11: Brozone Hits The Rage Dome
13. Chapter 12: On The Red Carpet
14. Chapter 13: The Perfect Family Harmony
15. Chapter 14: Band Together
16. Chapter 15: The Biggest Family Reunion Ever
17. We Are Family (Song)