Tonies - Milo
Tonies - Milo
Tonies - Milo

Tonies - Milo

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Milo’s a curious cat with a particular interest in finding out about the jobs and vocations of the adults in Milotown.
Similarly inquisitive little kittens will enjoy following Milo and his friends, Lofty and Lark, on some supersoapy job-discovery adventures thanks to
Suds, the clever cleaning robot who works in Milo’s parent’s laundry shop.
All they have to do is pop Milo on top of a Toniebox, and they’ll be bubbling off to Scrubby’s in no time.
Featuring five stories from Channel 5’s popular Milkshake series – The Racing Driver, The Explorer, The Botanist, The Astronaut and The Archaeologist – Milo makes a great travel companion, and he’s also
purrrfect for curling up with at storytime. With a (button) nose for all kinds of work-related escapades, this little cat certainly love

1. The Racing Driver
2. The Explorer
3. The Botanist
4. The Astronaut
5. The Archaeologist