Tonies - Bing
Tonies - Bing
Tonies - Bing
Tonies - Bing

Tonies - Bing

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Calling all Bingsters! Round the corner, not far away, it‘s time for some Bing stories and songs today.
Meet Bing, the loveable 3-year-old preschooler as he embraces a new adventure every day with his carer Flop, and all their friends. As he learns
to make sense of the world around him, Bing’s enthusiasm often leads to mishap, but he knows he can always count on Flop and his friends for help.
Perfect for little listeners, this brand-new Bing Tonie includes original episode dialogue together with music and songs from the popular Bing TV
series. It’s a Bing thing!


Voo Voo Story
Bananamento Song
Ducks Story
Paddling Pool Story
The Rainybow Song
Musical Statues Story
Sleepover Story
Hoppity Voosh and the Moonkeeper Story

Running Time - 52 mins approx

Age - 3+