Rubens Barn Original Maria

Rubens Barn Original Maria

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Maria is a Rubens Barn Original Doll, she is perfect for boys and girls alike to cuddle and play with. Dressed in fun play clothes Maria can also be changed by your little one to suit the game they’re playing. Maria loves hugs and after exploring all day she will help your little one snuggle down and sleep through the night.

  • Maria comes dressed in a striped peach and red dress, a beige handbag, matching hair ribbons and a pair of white knickers.
  • Height 50cm, Weight 1000g
  • Maria - Washable at 30, tumble dryer friendly on low heat.
  • Clothes – Hand wash, tumble dryer friendly on low heat.
  • Suitable from 3 years.
  • Handmade

The Classic Rubens Barn Original dolls are weighted and make perfect empathy dolls for doll therapy for people of all ages. They help a wide array of people in a number of different situations. These gorgeous dolls are soft and perfectly huggable.

Gender: Girl Doll

Anatomically Correct:  No

Age:  3 Years +