Tonies - Disney Pocahontas
Tonies - Disney Pocahontas

Tonies - Disney Pocahontas

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The legendary story of Pocahontas begins when the free-spirited princess

encounters a mysterious shipload of English settlers and strikes up a
friendship with the courageous Captain John Smith. When tensions grow
between the settlers and the Native Americans, Pocahontas must seek the
advice of Grandmother Willow, the wise old talking tree, to find a way for
everyone to live together in peace.
Young listeners will be inspired by the strong, brave and spirited princess,
and they’ll love listening to four songs from the original Disney soundtrack.
1. Steady as the Beating Drum
2. Listen With Your Heart I
3. Listen With Your Heart II
4. Just Around the Riverbend
5. Colours of the Wind
6. Pocahontas

Run Time - Approximately 28 minutes