Tonies - Blues Clue’s
Tonies - Blues Clue’s
Tonies - Blues Clue’s

Tonies - Blues Clue’s

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Blue and Josh are ready to play Blue’s Clues… with YOU! On this interactive adventure, you’ll problem solve, listen for clues and sing awesome songs.
Learn all about rhythm and tempo as you sing, tap and clap along to Blue’s Beat Band. Sing the ABC Song and find out why each letter of the alphabet
is special and join the neighbourhood heroes as they help everybody they meet. Anytime is the perfect time for a playdate with Josh and Blue!

1. Blue’s Clues & You! Theme Song
2. Blue’s Beat Band
3. Blue’s Big Neighbourhood Adventure
4. ABC Scavenger Hunt
5. ABC Song with Blue

Running time: approx. 57 minutes

Age - 3+