Pastelowelove Small Batman Wall Stickers - Black

Pastelowelove Small Batman Wall Stickers - Black

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Pastelowelove wall stickers will successfully transform your interiors and give them the unique look. Made with the utmost care and attention to details, the stickers are made form the high-quality foil, thanks to which their application is extremely easy and fast. For assembly, all you need is a dry, smooth surface, a cloth and tape measure - if the pattern is to be laid at equal distances.

Stickers are cut from a special matt, self-adhesive foil. The shape is cut separately, thanks to which you can quickly peel them off and stick to the desired surface.

Colour - Black

Includes 30 pieces 

Size - 9x7.5cm

The stickers are durable and easy to maintain, which is their unquestionable advantage in comparison to traditional wallpapers.

We encourage You to read the instructions before applying - HERE.


  • all elements cut separately - ability to stick them anywhere you want,
  • cut out on the contour - they do not have a background and are suitable for every wall color,
  • the highest quality of foil - with BASF certificate,
  • packing agree with zero waste rule,
  • sent in biodegradables tubes, resistant to damage,
  • resistant to humidity and UV radiation.