Janod - Sequences Card - The Garden
Janod - Sequences Card - The Garden
Janod - Sequences Card - The Garden

Janod - Sequences Card - The Garden

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The concept of time is an important notion taught to nursery-age children. The youngest will begin to familiarise themselves with the sequences and learn to reposition them in the correct order.

Make getting to grips with this concept easier with this pretty wooden educational game for children aged 3 years and up. In order to work on their logic skills whilst having fun, children will need to study the 4 cards that make up a scene and then replace them in the right position.

There are 10 different scenarios to be reconstructed! This game helps develop little ones’ thinking and attention skills, whilst also enriching their vocabulary and knowledge of nature. How does a seed turn into a flower? How are butterflies formed? The wooden base is very helpful! The coloured dots can be used to check that the card is in the right place, and therefore allow for independent play. As part of the duo workshop, you can accompany your child in their learning: let them place the cards on the base, then explain to you how the scene unfolds.

This game is part of an educational range developed in collaboration with a school teacher, in order to best replicate the learning process and progress made at each level.

Made from FSC® wood and cardboard.

Size -23 x 6,5 x 0,8 cm

Age - 3-5