Fitwood GALDHØP Climbing Arch Birch
Fitwood GALDHØP Climbing Arch Birch
Fitwood GALDHØP Climbing Arch Birch
Fitwood GALDHØP Climbing Arch Birch
Fitwood GALDHØP Climbing Arch Birch

Fitwood GALDHØP Climbing Arch Birch

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GALDHØP climbing arch is a multi-functional kids’ furniture. It has been designed to support active play and diverse development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength. Climbing fulfills kids’ natural built-in need to learn new things and learning to climb is a wonderful way to get physically active and build kids’ confidence.  
It can be used as a rocker, play fort, baby gym, goal, kids’ table, toy storage or as a side table!
When turned upside down GALDHØP climbing arch works as a rocker – perfect for little pirates to voyage in or to be used as a dreamy naptime nest. For this use we recommend getting the SANDHØP cushion which makes the use of the arch as a rocker safer and more comfortable.  This is available separately.
In addition to working as a climbing arch in its original arch position, GALDHØP can also be used as a play fort, a goal or as a baby gym. Cover it with a blanket and place a cushion (like SANDHØP) underneath to turn it into a play fort or hang sensory toys from few of the top rungs to turn it into a baby gym. In its arch position GALDHØP also works as a perfect indoor football goal or as goal for pretty much any fun and games the kids might come up with!  
When turned on its side so that the backboard of the arch is facing up the climbing arch can be used as a table. Place it against a wall to act as a side table or combine with a small stool to use it as a kids’ activity table for painting, crafting, and playing.  
If you turn the arch on its side so that the backboard is facing the floor and push it against a wall, it becomes a toy storage. Great for big stuffed animals or for pillows and blankets!
The age range for using the climbing arch is 0–9 years:
  • 0–12 m/o can use it as baby gym, rocker or support for crawling and learning to stand
  • 1–5 y/o can use it as climbing arch, rocker, play fort, goal etc.
  • 6–9 y/o can use it as table, rocker, play fort, goal etc.
As a side table the GALDHØP works for kids and adults of any age!
The frame of the GALDHØP climbing arch is made of sustainably sourced birch plywood, and the rungs are sustainably sourced aspen.
You can choose from four different color variations of the GALDHØP climbing arch:
  • birch
  • white
  • white – birch
  • black stained
Please note that the birch color option of the GALDHØP climbing arch has been treated with a sheer wax to enhance the natural light tone of birch wood.
The SANDHØP cushion is currently available in a sand color option separately. 
Please note that slight bending spares the joints of the climbing arch when it’s used often. Use the climbing arch on a non-slip surface. Young kids should only use the climbing arch under adult supervision.
GALDHØP complies with CE marking requirements.

10 kg / 22 lbs


100 cm / 39.4''


60 cm / 23.6''


54 cm / 21.3''

Weight limit

60 kg / 132.3 lbs

GALDHØP climbing arch has a warranty of two years Also, we do our best to provide spare parts even after the warranty has expired.
This item is sent direct from the supplier and will take approx 7 10 days. 

There will be no other charges applied to this product as we take care of customs/duties.
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