Amazing Earth: Book & Science Kit (STEM)

Amazing Earth: Book & Science Kit (STEM)

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Encourage their love for learning with the Amazing Earth Science Kit by Curious Universe. They'll love learning about lightening, geysers and volcanoes. Combining lots of household objects, this 64 page book of science fun will have them carrying out exciting experiments. This educational and fun kit will keep them occupied for hours

Learn about the science of lightening, geysers and volcanoes

Guides you through experiments

Create an erupting volcano, hazy fog and quicksand at home with this kit

Over 45 different experiments


  • 1 x 64 Page book
  • 4 x Rubber balls
  • 1 x Compass
  • 1 x Test tube
  • 1 x Bar magnet
  • 4 x PH tester strips
  • 1 x Petri dish
  • 4 x Sterile swabs
  • 1 x Silver glitter
  • 1 x Bicarb soda
  • 1 x Citric acid powder
  • 1 x Red colouring dye
  • 1 x Volcano
  • Tester strip chart
  • PH chart
  • 4.5m Brown string

Age 8+