Yoto Audio Card - Mog's Bad Thing

Yoto Audio Card - Mog's Bad Thing

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Another heartwarming adventure for Mog and her human family, who find a way to forgive their pet’s big mistake.

Mog, everyone’s favourite cat, is back and she is not happy…

Mog loves her garden, but somehow it seems to have completely disappeared over night. What Mog doesn’t realise is that the flappy floppy thing that has replaced her garden is in fact a marquee put up for a cat show. Mog hides in the house and is oblivious to the cats of various sizes and colours who parade themselves hoping to be winners. Then curiosity takes over and Mog makes a spectacular entrance in true prize-winning form!

  • Author: Judith Kerr
  • Read by:Hannah Gordon; Susan Sheridan; Rupert Degas
  • Running time: 15 mins
  • Content type: Stories
  • Age Range: 0-5