Yoto Player & 6 Card Starter Pack

Yoto Player & 6 Card Starter Pack

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Yoto Player, a carefully connected screen-free speaker. Made for kids, controlled with physical cards and playing only the audio content you want them to listen to.

No Camera. No Microphone. No Ads.

Yoto is the screen-free audio platform built for kids.
Bringing together the best stories, music, activities, podcasts and radio into one place. And we're giving children the freedom to play this audio in a safe environment.

The Yoto experience is built around the cards: Pop a card into Yoto Player and the audio starts, take the card out again and the audio stops.

The free mobile app helps to get set up, so Yoto Player can get online, download and play audio cards. Once downloaded to Yoto Player, card audio plays from local storage, with no Wi-Fi needed (unless you are listening to one of the streaming radio stations).

Age 3+

Includes -


6 cards to get started with Yoto: 

The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton - The first wonderful story in the Faraway Tree series, read by Kate Winslet.

Mrs H Sings - A wonderful compilation of sing-along songs for the whole family.

My First 100 Words - A fun intro to common words in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian with accompanying images.

Story Shed Podcast - Yoto’s own Jake Harris, a primary school teacher, creates this gem of a podcast which updates regularly.

Yoto Radio - 24/7 family-friendly music. A firm favourite in many Yoto homes!

Crackling Fire - Turn your Yoto player into a crackling fire with evocative sounds and animated lighting!

Magnetic Yoto Charging Dock (5.4 foot (1.65 m) cable length

Welcome Card: This walks you through the Player setup and is also a Make your own card

- Setup Guide