Plan Toys Green Dolls House with Furniture

Plan Toys Green Dolls House with Furniture

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This Plan Toys Green Dollhouse is the ultimate eco friendly house ! Comes with a wind turbine, solar cell panel, electric inverter, rain barrel to collect rain, a bio-facade for natural blinds and recycling bins. An awesome way to both teach your child about energy efficiency, and give them a set they'll cherish for many years to come . Made from solid rubberwood, making a sturdy, high-quality structure and it comes with reams of eco-friendly furniture.
A great way to teach your child to live in harmony with nature learning how appliances assist daily life without damaging the environment. They'll also learn how electricity can be generated from alternative natural sources such as the sun and wind.
Contains 5 rooms - a living room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and children's bedroom - that children can customise with all the furniture and accessories.

Children develop in all cognitive areas with imaginative dollhouse play. Creativity and pretend play encourage the use of communication skills, logical thinking, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and socialization skills to support the best play experience.
Suitable for children 3 years and older.

Dolls not included .

Size 57cm x 44.5cm x 55.5cm.

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