Learnwell Pip Feels Books Set 2 - Excited, Jealous, Scared, Calm

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Through the magic of rhyme and the delightful, humorous, and insightful illustrations of the incredibly talented Bec Barnes; each of four more emotions is brought to life in a book of their very own. In each book the emotion will be explored, from the tiniest niggle to huge and an overwhelming surge. Giving children a wide vocabulary and understanding that they are not alone, feelings are a vital part of being human and they tell us about ourselves and others.

•    Feelings tell us about ourselves and others.

T3471 Pip Feels - Set 2 – four 16-page books
•    Pip and the Excited Buddy
•    Pip and the Jealous Buddy
•    Pip and the Scared Buddy
•    Pip and the Calm Buddy